JKT48’s Haruka Nakagawa To Graduate

JKT48 Haruka Nakagawa

Haruka Nakagawa has announced that she will be graduating from JKT48 as well as the AKB48 company.

Announced at an event in Jakarta, she announced that she will not be coming back to Japan and will instead remain in Indonesia. She will remain with the group until the end of the year.

It’s surprising to hear that a member which is well loved by fans has announced that she will be leaving and while no specific reason was given it seems like she does have some plans with her remaining in Indonesia.

For now, she has mentioned that she would like the group to perform at the Gelora Bung Karno, so it seems like she has a great goal in mind to achieve before she leaves.

Best of luck Haruka!


3 thoughts on “JKT48’s Haruka Nakagawa To Graduate


    Harugon has always been one of my favorites. I loved her in the WH7. She has grown into a beautiful, talented young woman, and I wish her the best.

    Remember the time in the “Gyu” music video when she KISSED that unsightly blob? It gives hope to us all
    : )

    If I am sad it is because I will never get to see her in an idol group live on stage.

    Did I mention that I LOVE HER?

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    1. Definitely! I’m so happy to see such enthusiasm, we wish her the best and we hope she can use her energy and talent to make others happy outside of the group!

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