Shuukan Idol – Money Money Edition

zenbu kimi no sei da mashilo

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a packed release with new MVs for UP UP GIRLS, AKB48, UUG (2), CY8ER, Takoyaki Rainbow, and more. There’s also a handful of new covers, a new release for Muto Chiharu, and even more MVs (so many).

That and more in our 7 highlights of the week!


> The start of the end! UP UP GIRLS’ Satou Ayano releases her solo track Start Line

Satou Ayano’s time with UP UP GIRLS is slowly running out, but thankfully it’s her turn to be in the spotlight with a solo track from UUG’s latest album. The MV and lyrics were made by her which gives it a unique touch that is hard to replicate. Check out this fun release above!

> AKB48 get cubed in the colorful MV for Private Summer

What happens when you fall asleep in a cube at the park? Normally you’d be extremely confused, but the SHOWROOM senbatsu girls just get up and start talking to each other like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a fun theme that matches their roots so make sure to check it out!

> UP UP GIRLS (2) explore the outdoors in the MV for SUN!X3

Remember the nose flute packed debut MV for UP UP GIRLS (2)? This time they’re back to release an MV that’s more on the traditional side with fun scenes of the members outside along with a catchy song. It’s vibrant, fun, and a perfect way to get to know everyone since they all have lines there.

> Enjoy the matsuri along with CY8ER and their colorful MV for Koi Natsu

Matsuri season is upon us and with it come the summer yukatas. Thankfully CY8ER are getting into the fun by releasing a fun and colorful release that is sure to make fans want to get up and dance. There’s a scene where they rave in a small room, so that’s something that is definitely worth a look.

> Apparently Takoyaki Rainbow like money in the gold filled MV for Money!! Money!? Money!!

What happens when you combine gold coins and idols? A fun MV apparently and one that shows off the members of Takoyaki Rainbow as they rap about this precious metal. Add in some scenes of the members rocking out and you have a shiny release that fans will enjoy!

> =LOVE get swept away in the beach packed MV for their self-titled debut single

=LOVE are ready to hit the scenes with their debut single we finally have their debut MV. The song might be a bit on the simple side but it’s solid enough as scenes of the members dancing on the beach play. They also almost fall into the water, so that’s a thing to watch out for in this fun release outdoors.

> Get 80’s with Sasaki Ayaka and her rock packed MV for My Cherry Pie

Rock music and the 80’s go hand in hand and this time we’re getting a unique single for Momoclo’s Sasaki Ayaka. It’s a unique MV since it features her as both the girl and the boy and each scene shows them off in some fun situations. It’s well worth a look!

Notable mentions:


This week we have a group called READY TO KISS with their 3rd single titled READY TO KISS. The single will be out this September 13th in 8 editions.

They’re fairly new to the scene with a concept that involves them focusing on kissing (if it wasn’t clear enough) and mixing cute music with rock. It’s a unique combo that ties in the sweetness of their vocals with a slight touch of rock that might be a bit too calm for some but still manages to impress.

The MV itself is packed full of fancy dance shots, random scenes of the members out in casual clothing, and a lot of awkward air kisses toward the camera. It’s a cute release and one that is sure to grab the attention of fans who are into more classic idol releases. Get ready for a kiss and make sure to check out the MV below!


If you liked this fancy and upbeat release make sure to check out their other releases by kissing that button below with your mouse. You can kiss your screen too but I’m not sure if that’ll work:


That’s it for this week, make sure to stay tuned for the next one!