Muto Chiharu Announces Solo Debut

muto chiharu solo debut

Former E-girls and Flower member Muto Chiharu has announced her solo debut single titled Nobody Like You.

Out August 16th, the single will be released through the indie label B-CREW RECORDS.

The single’s main track Nobody Like You is a cover of a song made by Emi Maria.


According to Muto, she mentioned that she has been preparing for her re-debut as a soloist for some time now. This comes as a surprise for many who had thought that she had quit music for good after graduating from E-girls/Flower back in 2014 to study abroad and to start her own clothing brand BLIXZY in Harajuku.

In her blog she also comments on that and mentions how she never saw it as her quitting music when she left LDH. This is great news since it has been a long time since many have heard her sing and the fact that she is making a comeback after so long is sure to make many happy.

Not surprisingly, the single will be out at her store BLIXZY first, so if you’re in the area definitely pick up a copy. For now, it’s great to hear that she is making a comeback!

chiharu muto nobody like you cover


  1. Nobody Like You
  2. Proud
  3. Thank You, My Dear
  4. Nobody Like You (Instrumental)
  5. Proud (Instrumental)
  6. Thank You, My Dear (Instrumental)

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