UP UP GIRLS (2) “Ni no Ashi Dancing” MV Released


UP UP GIRLS (2) have released the MV for their single titled Ni no Ashi Dancing.

Out August 15th, the single is part of a double a-side release along with Sun! x3.

The MV is fairly simple with only a couple of shots. One features the group dancing in shiny outfits with colorful pieces of something, while the other features close up shots as they wear seifukus in front of a pink curtain.

Thankfully, the song is the highlight of the release with a catchy and upbeat sound. Kajishima Aya even busts out a nose flute solo during the bridge, which is a cool addition although I hope they don’t rely on that forever since she is a solid performer.

Make sure to check out this interesting and nose flute packed release below!

Ni no Ashi Dancing

UP UP GIRLS (2) Sun! x3 Ni no Ashi Dancing Cover



  1. Sun! x3
  2. Ni no Ashi Dancing
  3. Sun! x3 (Instrumental)
  4. Ni no Ashi Dancing (Instrumental)



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