NMB48’s Ririka Sutou Will Pursue A Doctorate Degree In Germany

NMB48 Sutou Ririka

NMB48 member Ririka Sutou has announced that she intends to go to Germany and get a doctorate degree.

The news came after the release of a few pictures from the NMB48 official shop blog where 18 members had a chance to reveal their thoughts. There she revealed her intentions to study abroad upon her graduation at the end of August.

Sutou has been involved in philosophy for quite some time so it’s expected that she will get a degree in that field. She has published a philosophy book and also given a lecture on the subject at Kogakuin University.

Ririka Sutou caused a stir back when she announced her engagement to the surprise of fans and Watanabe Mayu. Shortly after she announced her graduation, despite encouragement to remain in the group.

It’s a surprising move but the fact that she wishes to get a doctorate degree in another country is admirable. Sure, she will most likely remain out of the public eye for many years, but it’s great to see that she wishes to see more of the world.

Best of luck Ririka!

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