HKT48 say goodbye to Sashihara Rino in the colorful MV for “Ishi”

hkt48 ishi

HKT48 say goodbye to Sashihara Rino in the colorful MV for Ishi.

Out April 10th, the single will be released in 4 editions.

Sashihara Rino is on her way out this month, and not surprisingly we’re getting a final HKT48 single to celebrate her legacy. She had a chance to laugh to death in her final AKB48 single, but is this MV a good farewell or could HKT48 have done better?

The majority of the MV takes place in a circus, which makes for a rather interesting setting. Each scene has vibrant colors, with the dancing and poses from the members looking right at home as the interesting song plays. The subtle electronic beats accompany the mellow tone of the vocals, making for a unique mix of sounds.

The highlight of the MV though is when Rino hands a flag to two members, in a similar way to Yamamoto Sayaka did with her group. This is a touching moment in the MV since you can tell how much the group means to her. The final scene especially does a good job of making me smile, it’s the perfect ending.

I couldn’t imagine a better farewell for Sashihara Rino. Enjoy the MV below and grab a copy of the latest HKT48 single to show your support!


hkt48 ishi cover type a
Type A


hkt48 ishi cover type b
Type B


hkt48 ishi cover type c
Type C


hkt48 ishi cover theater