BABYMETAL announce release of new album


BABYMETAL have announced the release of a new album.

It’s somewhat of a meme to hear about a new BABYMETAL release and suddenly jump to the conclusion that it’s yet another version of their 2016 Metal Resistance album. However, that’s about to change with the announcement of a new album set for sometime in 2019.

babymetal new album

Details are scarce about the new album, with the only knowledge we have about this release being the image above and a profile picture of Su-metal and Moametal posing in the dark while wearing robes. The glowing bread/cootie catcher symbol in the image above might point to some interesting changes in the group, but it’s too early to tell.

The only thing we know is that this will be an interesting release for the group, mainly due to the departure of Yuimetal. However, the recent release of Distortion showed us that they still have the ability to rock, with them going for a more mature BABYMETAL sound that was among the best I’ve heard.

Despite the overly cheesy origin story involving fox gods they’ve created, you have to admit that BABYMETAL are still an awesome group. Stay tuned for more information about this album!

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