BABYMETAL Get Artistic In The MV For “Starlight”, Announce YUIMETAL Departure


BABYMETAL get artistic in the MV for their track titled Starlight.

Out now, the track is available on digital platforms.

Well, this is great news and bad news. The good news is that we finally got a new BABYMETAL song, something that we haven’t enjoyed since May with the release of DISTORTION. The bad news is that YUIMETAL is officially leaving the group.

To those who have been following the group, the news of YUIMETAL departing from the group might not come as a surprise. She’s been out of the group since last December due to poor physical condition and was absent from the WORLD TOUR 2018 concerts. Her 8 years in the group do not go unnoticed so we wish her the best.

But, it’s not all sad news since we do get to enjoy a new digital single in the form of a cryptic MV similar to the one for DISTORTION. The MV has artistic shots of dancers that play as SU-METAL sings throughout the song. It’s a decent song but it seems a tad on the I’ve heard this already side of things.

So, where will the new 2-member BABYMETAL go from here? We’ll have to see but Starlight gives fans a good idea of what to expect. Make sure to check it out below!


babymetal starlight cover

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