Nogizaka46 Show Nishino Nanase As An Artist And Idol In The MV For “Kaerimichi wa Toumawari Shitakunaru”

nogizaka46 kaerimichi toumawari cover type a

Nogizaka46 show Nishino Nanase as an artist and idol in the MV for their 22nd single titled Kaerimichi wa Toumawari Shitakunaru.

Out November 14th, the single will be available in 5 editions.

The center for this release is Nishino Nanase who will be graduating from the group. This also appears to be the last release for Wakatsuki Yumi and Noujo Ami who have also announced their graduation.

It seems like Nogizaka46 have hit the sweet spot with their latest MV featuring Nishino Nanase where we get to see a story that shows off her idol life and what could have happened if she didn’t become an idol.

From what I can gather, it seems like there are two stories we get to see throughout the MV. One where Nishino catches her bus and another where she doesn’t. In the one where she doesn’t she enters an idol audition and wins, becoming the idol we all know and love. In the other, she catches the bus and becomes an artist.

It’s extremely well done since we get to see the two Nishino Nanase characters interact at times, with artist Nishino eventually cheering herself during a performance. All of this happens to the beat of a ballad that is packed full of string instruments and piano keys to make for an incredible release.

Due to the ’46 group MVs being region blocked I hadn’t had a chance to truly enjoy their music and now I can definitely say I’m a fan. Make sure to check it out below!

Kaerimichi wa Toumawari Shitakunaru

nogizaka46 kaerimichi toumawari cover type a
Type A


nogizaka46 kaerimichi toumawari cover type b
Type B


nogizaka46 kaerimichi toumawari cover type c
Type C


nogizaka46 kaerimichi toumawari cover type d
Type D


nogizaka46 kaerimichi toumawari regular cover