Noujo Ami Is Graduating From Nogizaka46

nogizaka46 noujo ami

Nogizaka46 member Noujo Ami has announced that she will be graduating.

According to her graduation notice, she mentioned that she has thought of leaving the group for around a year and a half. She plans on still remaining in the entertainment business after she graduates.

Her graduation date has not been decided yet, but her final handshake event is set for December 15th.

Unfortunately, Noujo Ami’s graduation is not the only one to come from Nogizaka46, with Wakatsuki Yumi announcing her graduation a few days ago and Nishino Nanase doing the same back in late September. But, Ami has been part of the group since 2011 so it makes sense that she is eager to try out new opportunities outside of the group.

Will this be the last graduation before the end of the year? We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. For now, we wish Noujo the best of luck and hope that she is able to appear in many shows and other appearances with her career. We’ll miss you Noujo Ami! | Nogizaka46 Blog Announcement