Shingeki Walk The Streets In The Enjoyable MV For “Hakkyouteki Hassan Anken = Dasei”

shinshi todoruku gekijou gotoku shingeki

Shinshi Todoroku, Gekijou no Gotoku, also known simply as Shingeki, walk the streets in the enjoyable MV for Hakkyouteki Hassan Anken = Dasei.

Out November 6th, the track is part of their latest release titled Tsukikage Philosophia.

MVs where we get to see idols walk down the streets while wearing casual clothing are not uncommon. But, somehow Shingeki manage to make it a bit more interesting by throwing in random scenes of them going through drama, playing with a lamb doll, and even more randomness. It’s a complicated MV to follow but that’s what makes it more appealing.

Naturally, a random MV means enjoying a random song and thankfully Hakkyouteki Hassan Anke = Dasei has that and more. For the most part it’s a fun and cute ballad with a playful electronic touch. Then some random rapping lines start that seem out of place. That’s Shingeki in a nutshell though, so if you’re into their vocal style and music you will most likely enjoy this release.

Make sure to check out the MV and grab that release below to enjoy more Shingeki!

Check out the MV for Zankyou Catastrophe here if you haven’t already!

Hakkyouteki Hassan Anken = Dasei

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  1. Zankyou Catastrophe
  2. Shin Sekai Exodus
  3. G.O.D2018
  4. Soushitsu no Catharsis
  5. Kaze Sing! Kaminari Zing!
  6. Sutemi Heroine
  7. Jiko Tsugoushugi Metamorphosis
  8. Sensen Fukoku


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