Shingeki Wear Lab Coats In The MV For “Zankyou Catastrophe”

shinshi todoruku gekijou gotoku shingeki

Shinshi Todoroku, Gekijou no Gotoku, also known simply as Shingeki, wear lab coats in the MV for Zankyou Catastrophe.

Out November 6th, the track is part of their latest release titled Tsukikage Philosophia.

Shingeki are celebrating the release of their latest album by releasing an MV a week and while we might have missed the release of the first one (oops) we’re well prepared for their latest one.

Taking place in a warehouse, we get to enjoy as Shingeki dance along to the beat of an intense song. The masked band does a great job of adding in some energy, with the MV packed to the brim with energy and lab coats. Add in a mix of rock, idol vocals, and rapping for an interesting mash of genres that not many other idol groups do.

So far, I’m impressed. Shingeki are among the most interesting groups I’ve heard recently and it seems like they’re not slowing down at all with their music. Make sure to enjoy the intense song below!

Zankyou Catastrophe

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s the MV for STAGE. It’s a lighter release compared to Zankyou Catastrophe but it has a variety of scenes that are as adorable as they are colorful. Add in some fan service shots and a whole lot of colorful outfits and you have yourself a wonderful MV to enjoy!


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  1. Zankyou Catastrophe
  2. Shin Sekai Exodus
  3. G.O.D2018
  4. Soushitsu no Catharsis
  5. Kaze Sing! Kaminari Zing!
  6. Sutemi Heroine
  7. Jiko Tsugoushugi Metamorphosis
  8. Sensen Fukoku


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