Shuukan Idol – Nemu Nemu Edition [October 8 – 14]

momoiro clover z

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a handful of MVs from a variety of idol groups including =LOVE, ANGERME, Morning Musume ’18, NMB48, and more. Add in a handful of disbandments and graduations and you have yourself our 7 highlights of the week!


> =LOVE go full anime in Aikashi Happy End and rock the boat for Ima, Kono Fune ni Nore!

=LOVE might have burned our corneas with color for their Want you! Want you! MV, but it seems like they’re back to soothe our hearts with some of the best idol music possible. Both MVs are pretty unique, with one being animated and another taking place in a boat but they have something in common: the songs are amazing. Both are well worth a look!

> Yumemi Nemu announces graduation from, retirement from entertainment industry

Nemu has long been one of those idols that has captured the hearts of many with her fun and cheery personality. But, she has been in the idol industry for a long time and it seems like she has decided that now is her time to leave. More details about her departure and final month plans are available above. Thank you for everything Nemu!

> ANGERME get funky in the fun MV for 46 Okunen LOVE

Nothing says funky like an MV packed to the brim with 70s styled visuals for fans to enjoy and a song that makes sphinxes want to dance. It’s honestly the best way to wrap up their latest single and a fun way to add some variety for one of the most memorable singles that ANGERME fans are sure to enjoy.

> Morning Musume ’18 play with paper in the intense MV for “Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara

Modern Momusu have a strong like for electronic beats, and thankfully it seems like they’re packing their latest song with a ton of them. Yes, the roof of one of the shots is basically cut up paper but at least the song is pretty catchy. It’s well worth a look and an amazing farewell to Iikubo Haruna. Make sure to check it out!

> NMB48 enjoy a relaxed day in the calm MV for Shokumu Shitsumon and escape from a fancy dinner in the MV for TruePurpose

NMB48 are wrapping up their latest single with a couple of MVs that are fairly unique. From the awkward scenes of the members creeping into a room to the action packed scenes of them escaping a fancy dinner, there are many fun shots to enjoy with the latest NMB48 songs.

> BiS1st get artistic while BiS2nd get run over by a truck in the MVs for Against The Pain

BiS1st are known for having traditional MVs with high budgets and deep meanings. Their latest one is packed to the brim with wet couches, slow motion shots, and many artistic meanings. On the other hand, BiS2nd get run over by a truck. Yep, BiS2nd have won this single.

> Moso Calibration will disband next year

The disbandments are ramping up and unfortunately the next group is Moso Calibration. This group is among the most notable for being the sister group to, and for also having a rather fun sound that set them apart. Unfortunately, it seems like they’ve decided to go their own separate ways. Best of luck Moso Calibration members!

Notable mentions


This week we have 26ji no Masquerade and their MV for Hanaichi Monme.

Something about old fashioned Japanese instruments with rock music is so catchy. Thankfully, 26ji no Masquerade are combining that with some idol vocals thrown in for good measure to put a smile on those who like our idol music on the harder side.

One thing to note about the MV is that yes, the visuals are simple and we only get to see them standing for the most part. But, the dance moves make for a wonderful addition that mix in perfectly with the kimono-styled outfits they are wearing.

It’s honestly worth a look simply because of how great they are at dancing and expressing emotions throughout the song. Great things are in the horizon for 26ji no Masquerade, so make sure to check out their latest MV!

Hanaichi Monme
26ji no Masquerade

Their releases don’t appear to be on CDJapan (or I can’t find them), so make sure to give that video a like, give them a follow, and make sure to throw them a comment saying how much you like it if you feel like doing so.

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!