lyrical school Rap Around A Studio In The MV For “Sharp Pencil feat. SUSHIBOYS”

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lyrical school rap around a studio in the MV for Sharp Pencil feat. SUSHIBOYS.

How about some lyrical school to kick off the week? You’re in luck because they’ve recently released an MV with a few special guests. So, is it worth a look? Yes. Actually it is.

Let’s start off with the song, the beats are steady but those verses are dropped like hot fire throughout the MV. Each member raps their line with confidence and speed, making for a rather impressive song that shows off the capabilities of each member.

Visually, it’s not something to write home about. All we get are a few scenes of the group as they rap around a studio. The SUSHIBOYS add in some lines here and there, but most of the MV is rather chill, which is nice since it lets us focus on the song a bit more.

It’s not going to be the most complex MV ever released, but it’s certainly something to put on and enjoy. Enjoy those catchy beats below!

Sharp Pencil feat. SUSHIBOYS
lyrical school

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