BLACKNAZARENE Introduce Their Dark World In The Incredible MV For “officialfake”


BLACKNAZARENE introduce their dark world in their debut MV titled officialfake.

With all of the metal idols on the scene, it takes a lot to stand out nowadays. Thankfully BLACKNAZARENE appear to have just what it takes to stand out with their impressive first MV.

So, who exactly are BLACKNAZARENE? They appear to be an idol group that debuted on March 26, 2018 that self proclaims themselves as THUGxkawaii and have a heavy sound to match.

In fact, two of the members (Mikako Murata and Kiyono Kiko) are former members of Yamitsuki Company, a group that had a PassCode-esque sound complete with a screaming vocalist that unfortunately split up back in 2017.

Not surprisingly, BLACKNAZARENE are making waves in the metal idol world with their debut MV that is packed to the brim with amazing visual effects. Each scene has a dark/white look and the transitions work perfectly as the members perform while wearing awesome dark outfits.

But, the song. Wow, the song is among the best I’ve heard in recent times. The instrumental is packed with a metal tone, that carries perfectly with the vocals of the members. It’s lively and has an energetic feeling that stands out from the rest of the groups on the scene.

If their debut is this powerful I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more about BLACKNAZARENE in the near future, including a physical release. Stay tuned for more and make sure to follow them on social after checking out the MV!


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