=LOVE Go Full Anime In “Aikashi Happy End” and Rock The Boat For “Ima, Kono Fune ni Nore!”

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=LOVE go full anime in the MV for Aikashi Happy End and rock the boat for their Ima, Kono Fune ni Nore! MV.

Out October 17, the tracks are part of =LOVE’s 4th single titled Want you! Want you!

Hopefully your corneas have healed from the colorful Want you! Want you! MV because =LOVE are wrapping up their latest single with a couple of new MVs for the coupling tracks and they are a treat.

Aikashi Happy End
=LOVE / Available on Type B and C versions

Kicking us off we have an animated MV featuring a variety of characters and amazingly vibrant scenes from an anime short that was released back in October 8th.

As the MV progresses, we get to see a variety of scenes for each one of the members, including some of a girl trying her best to rehearse for a play / read a book to a crowd. It’s a pretty difficult MV to understand without any spoken words, and those who check out the anime will most likely understand it better.

However, it makes for a fun plus to enjoy along the energetic ballad. In fact, its that song that stands out the most because of how incredible it is, with a fun rock instrumental featuring the member’s poppy vocals.

Ima, Kono Fune ni Nore!
=LOVE / Available on Type A and C versions

Next up we have the incredibly happy MV shot in one take. MVs like this one are a delight since they are relatively light and made for fun, and thankfully that’s exactly what we get with the members dressing up as sailors while dancing on a boat setting.

The camera doesn’t move as the members dance and sing to the camera. It’s classic idol at its best and makes for a fun video to enjoy while listening to the upbeat rock song. It’s a complete winner in my book simply because of the catchy song, fun MV, and overall simplicity.

So, how is =LOVE’s Want you! Want you! as a whole? It’s honestly one of the best singles I’ve heard from them this year and one that fans are sure to adore. The songs all have a unique edge to them and the fact that I can sit here and replay them with a smile on my face says a lot about the quality of the single.

If you haven’t already I highly encourage you to grab a copy since it is among the best from =LOVE!

equal love want you type a
Type A


equal love want you type b
Type B


equal love want you type c
Type C


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