BiS1st Get Artistic While BiS2nd Get Run Over By A Truck In The MVs For “Against The Pain”

bis1st against the pain

BiS1st get artistic while BiS2nd get run over by a truck in the MVs for Against The Pain.

Out November 14th, the single will be released in 4 editions.

The 4 editions for Against The Pain include:

  • BiS1st Perfect Edition: 5 CDs (main CD and 4 CDs featuring solo versions of the song), 1 Blu-ray, 1 Photobook
  • BiS1st Limited Edition: 1 CD, 1 DVD
  • BiS1st Regular Edition: 1 CD
  • BiS2nd Regular Edition: 1 CD

With that out of the way, how about we dive into some BiS1st?

BiS1st are kicking it off strong with a series of shots taking place on a beach. They might have only 4 members, but the scenes of them sitting on the couch, singing into the sky, and running at night make for a stellar release. Add in a song with a slow piano instrumental, heavy guitars, and radio effects to complete the picture for one of the most inspirational MVs to have been released by BiS.

Overall, it’s a strong start to the single and one that is worthy of being the main highlight of this release. Each scene is filled with so much detail that it helps get the emotion behind the lyrics out.

Against The Pain

So, how do you go up against a deep, emotional MV that has wet couches and a mature tone to it? By having BiS2nd be run over by a truck.

Yes, they’re taking the title of the song and going literal with the meaning by having BiS2nd be run over by a truck almost immediately after starting the MV.

bis2nd against the pain

The fact that they made this MV the joke one is certainly a treat and one that makes the true meaning of BiS shine through. It’s not about the high budgets or the wet couches on the beach. It’s about the weird, funny, and absurd ways that they make fun of traditional idols and that’s why I love this MV.

We get to see the members dance on the streets at night, fall in slow motion as their lives flash before their eyes, lay on the floor and see a majestic constellation take form in front of them, and even hijack the truck that ran them over. It’s just a beautiful mess that makes for a fun release. Even the vocals are less serious at times, with some being blurted out.

In fact, BiS2nd have the best MV for this single (in my opinion) simply because of how they made the release fun. Yes, high budget MVs are great for mainstream idols, but BiS has always been the odd ones out and it’s great to see that BiS2nd carry on that torch. Also, I’m completely biased for YUiNA EMPiRE.

Enjoy both of the MVs and make sure to grab your copy of the single below!

Against The Pain

bis1st against the pain cover perfect
BiS1st – Perfect (5CD+Blu-ray+PB)


bis1st against the pain cover limited
BiS1st – Limited (CD+Blu-ray)


bis1st against the pain cover regular
BiS1st – Regular


bis2nd against the pain cover regular
BiS2nd – Regular


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