AKB48 release all coupling MVs for their 55th single

akb48 jiwaru days 55th single

AKB48 have released the coupling MVs for their 55th single titled Jiwaru DAYS.

Out March 13th, the single will be available in 7 editions: Type A, B, C, and Theater.

This is the last single for Sashihara Rino who will graduate from the group on April 28th.

After getting to enjoy 3,450 outfits in AKB48’s MV for Jiwaru DAYS, we are finally getting a look at the rest of the single and it’s a surprising mix of MVs. How about we kick it off with a look at dead Rino?

Watashi Datte Idol!
Sashihara Rino / All types

Have you ever laughed so hard that you just died? That’s obviously something not many of us have gone through, but it seems like Sashihara Rino had a bad case of the lol’s and passed away in the MV for Watashi Datte Idol!

It’s incredibly positive for an MV packed full of death, but the fact that we see Rino smiling as scenes of her death play in the background is simply amazing. Add in an incredibly sweet and upbeat song and you have yourself what can only be considered one of the most positively grim idol MVs ever released, and I love it.

Generation Change
AKB48 Coupling Senbatsu / Type A

With a dramatic electronic beat, we see the members of the AKB48 coupling senbatsu lead by Nishikawa Rei as they dance in a room packed full of globes. It’s a fast-paced song with a dreamy feel to it, which matches the many scenes we see of the members as they sleep while they stand around in a colorful room.

The lighting of the dance shot is truly wonderful, shining off of the globes in a dramatic way. But, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the song was the most notable part of this MV. It’s pretty unique compared to the rest of the songs we hear in this single, and is highly recommended.

Hatsukoi Door
Sakamichi AKB / Type B

Are you in a mood for an MV with outlines? That is a very specific request, but you’re in luck since the MV for Hatsukoi Door features the members as they dance and are outlined by neon lines. It’s an interesting look that works perfectly as the members dance, adding in a touch of light to an otherwise calm MV.

Hatsukoi Door continues the trend of fast-packed vocals, with a sweet instrumental in the background. Overall, the song is well done but it lacks a bit of a punch compared to the rest of the single. Still good, but in a way it could have been better.

So those MVs wrap up the 55th AKB48 single. There’s an additional song from IZ4648 titled Hitsuzensei but it doesn’t seem to include an MV according to the track list for this release. But, overall it’s a breathe of fresh air from AKB48 and a worthy goodbye for one of the most notable members from the group.

The songs are all packed with energy and show off just how talented the current lineup is in creative ways. The dead Rino MV is my favorite of the bunch, and is a pretty interesting take on the “make MVs look like goddesses in their final release” theme that is seen by other groups, but that’s Rino for you.

Make sure to grab a copy of that single below to show your support!

akb48 jiwaru days cover limited type a
Type A – Limited


akb48 jiwaru days cover regular type a
Type A – Regular


akb48 jiwaru days cover limited type b
Type B – Limited


akb48 jiwaru days cover regular type b
Type B – Regular


akb48 jiwaru days cover limited type c
Type C – Limited


akb48 jiwaru days cover regular type c
Type C – Regular


akb48 jiwaru days cover theater