Negicco’s Nao☆ is getting married

negicco nao

Negicco member Nao☆ has announced that she will be getting married.

Her soon-to-be-husband will be Okada Noriyuki, a member of the band Kusoiinkai. The two met during Perfume’s Perfume FES!! 2015 ~Sannin-sai~ in 2015.

Nao commented that she would like to build a family full of smiles and that she will continue to work with Megu and Kaede to bring fans even more of Negicco’s music. Okada wrote on his band’s website that he smiles a lot with Nao and decided to marry her since they have similar values.

They will be registering their marriage on April 10th, which will be Nao’s 31st birthday.

A surprise marriage is always nice to see, especially if it comes from a member that has been active for some time in the J-pop world. Well, Negicco’s Nao has been around since 2003 so I’m glad to see that she has finally found someone who will make her happy and who will share in the joy that is life.

Not many details are known apart from the day of their marriage but we wish the couple the best of luck!

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