Negicco “Mujun, Hajime Mashita” MV Released

Negicco Mujun Hajimemashita

Negicco has released the MV for their single Mujun Hajime Mashita.

Releasing this month on March 29th in 4 versions, it seems like we’re in for a treat from this trio of talented singers.

Limited Edition A will feature a DVD with an MV, Limited B will have a bonus CD with two extra songs Space Necojaracy (Yakenohara ACID Yume Shibai Remix) which will have some rap and Oyasumi (Miyauchi Yuri Remix), while Type C will only have the title track.

There will also be a 7inch vinyl release for fans who want to experience the single with that quality.

Hopefully you’re a fan of the color green since it seems like it’s the color of choice for this MV with a bright green background accompanying the girls as they sing to a calm beat.

It might be simple, but the fact that the visuals showcase the member who is singing makes for an entertaining MV for fans who love to learn the choreography or make covers (the members randomly dancing in normal clothes is a cute touch).

Will this MV be for everyone? Maybe not, but it’s still a solid entry for the group as a solid calm ballad.

Negicco OHPNegicco CDJapan

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Negicco “Canale no Madobe” MV Released


The MV for Negicco’s Canale no Madobe has been released.

The song is from their upcoming single titled Attoutekina Style -NEGIBAND version-, and thankfully it seems like they decided to go with a more simple style of MV with some background images as they recorded the song.

T-Palette Records also has a preview of the main track for the single and it’s embedded below, with a rather cute English intro. Release for the single is set for December 26, so make sure to check out the MV!

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