Konishi Ayano To Graduate From Tokyo Girls’ Style

Konishi Ayano Tokyo Girls Style

Konishi Ayano has announced her graduation from Tokyo Girls’ Style, as well as from the entertainment business.

She has been in hiatus since June 2015 due to back pain, with her pain being the cause of her break as she sought treatment. Sadly, it seems like her need for more treatment was the cause of her losing confidence as a member of Tokyo Girls’ Style resulting in her decision.

Graduations are sad, but when pain happens and treatment is needed it’s understandable since the health of an idol is priority. Unfortunately this might be the last we see of Konishi Ayano, with her last appearance slated for December 30 at a radio show.

The best of luck for Ayano, and hopefully she can get the help she needs!

Tokyo Girls’ Style will continue as a 4 member group.

Source: Tokyo Girls Style OHP | Konishi Ayano Radio Site


Perfume Announce New Album

Perfume Band

A new album for Perfume, currently untitled, has been announced.

Alongside the new album, a nationwide arena tour was announced to promote it.

Since it has been some time since their last album release (LEVEL 3) we are long overdue for a new album and thankfully the more than 2-year long wait is finally over.

Of course, no other info is known but the fact that they are hard at work on new music is a nice comfort for all Perfume fans.

Release is set for next Spring, so it will be the perfect way to kick off the upcoming year!

Source: Natalie.mu


3min. “BOUNCE!!” MV Released and Album Announced

3min. BOUNCE!!

The MV for 3min’s BOUNCE!! has been released.

At the same time as the MV was revealed, we did get confirmation that a new album will be out soon. Titled A to Z it will be released in March.

The video itself is quite catchy with a heavy beat and the groups trademark 3-minute length songs. The bridge of the song has a nice Japanese feel to it with a heavy guitar.

Of course, this being a live MV, many fans were lucky enough to be included in the video so there are plenty of shots of fans dancing along to the song.

Overall it’s a heavy idol song that is sure to have fans head banging to the beat, and with the promise of a new mini album it seems like 3min. are in for a nice active start to the year.

March 30th is the release of the mini album so make sure to get a copy!

3min. CDJapan

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Uesaka Sumire “Tetori Ashitori” MV Released

Uesaka Sumire Tetori Ashitori Regular

The MV for Uesaka Sumire’s song titled Tetori Ashitori has been released.

The song is part of an album titled 20seiki no Gyakushuu which will feature 6 new songs alongside many others to form a total of 18 songs for fans to enjoy.

Tetris is well known around the world, and it seems like we are in for a new song based on that game (hint: Tetori relates to Tetris).  Of course, it’s not known whether the song is officially licensed (probably not) but the remix is catchy.

Ignoring the old lady wearing futuristic goggles, or the singing bun and appliances, it has a nice beat to it. With a Perfume-esque feel her voice is cute and catchy.

Those who haven’t heard her sing are in for a treat, and if you liked what you heard it’s a comfort to know that the album will be out January 6.

Source: Uesaka Sumire OHP | Uesaka Sumire CDJapan

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NEWS Announce “Hikari no Shizuku / Touch” Single

NEWS Hikari no Shizuku Touch Cover

NEWS have announced the release of a double a-sided single titled Hikari no Shizuku / Touch.

The covers are a bit underwhelming, with it being just a slight variation of the cover above as they look to the right and then to the left. Basic stuff. Of course, if you are a fan of them and can’t get enough of those cheeks, you can get them all at a special bundle that CDJapan is listing on their site.

The tracklist is looking nice, though, it’s listed at full length after the break, so fans of the group are in for a treat.

January 20th is the date of release, so make sure to be on the lookout for this interesting release!

Source: Natalie.mu | NEWS CDJapan

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Inaba Manaka Solo Blu-ray Announced

Greeting Inaba Manaka

Country Girls’ Inaba Manaka has announced the release of her 1st solo Blu-ray titled Greeting ~Manaka Inaba~.

As most of you might know, I’m not that big of a fan of bikini shots in these kinds of videos, and thankfully the focus is more on other outfits, such as a cute maid outfit as well as a schoolgirl outfit.

Regardless, this is a perfect opportunity for fans of Country Girls to get to know her a bit more.

Release is set for late February, but pre-orders will be taking until January 13, so anyone who is curious is encouraged to get a copy!

e-Lineup! Site

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FYT To Disband

FYT Funky Yankee Teachers

FYT (Funky Yankee Teachers) have announced that they will be disbanding next year.

Idol disbandments are somewhat rare since usually groups stay together with the help of new members, but it seems like a group has decided to call it quits.

The group is known for having a school theme, with them being teachers and their fans being students (naturally concerts are classes), but they have been a bit under the radar for many.

Not much info has been released as to why, but regardless it’s a sad day for fans of FYT.

The disbandment will take place on February 7, so fans of the group are encouraged to attend their last performance to enjoy their singing as a group one last time.

Class dismissed.

Hajirai Rescue JPN “Maji★Chocolate” MV Released

Hajirai Rescue JPN Maji Chocolate

The MV for Hajirai Rescue JPN’s Maji★Chocolate has been released.

Before anything, here is some info about the single: 3 different versions with the coupling song titled LOVE STUDY!! but there are some exclusive tracks:

  • Type A has a song titled Music My Star
  • Type B features the exclusive Ren’ai Panorama
  • Type C features Suki Kana, Suki Kamo.

With that out of the way, the song itself is quite typical at first for an idol group. Heavy electronic sound to it at first, but as you might notice there are a few members who aren’t the typical Japanese idols.

That alone is a nice touch and one that is sure to have fans happy, especially since the two members appear to be former English teachers in Japan.

That and the cool rap in the middle form a nice mix for a single. Sure, the scene at the end with the members covered in chocolate and whipped cream is a bit fan-servicey, but hey, cute idols and chocolate.

Check  out the video and keep an eye out for this fun group!

Release was on December 23, so it’s been out for a few days. Make sure to get a copy and get into the sticky sweetness that is Maji★Chocolate!

Hajirai Rescue JPN CDJapan

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BiSH “FAKE METAL JACKET” Details Released


Details for BiSH’s upcoming album titled FAKE METAL JACKET have been released.

Songs are the main part and it seems like we’ll be getting their two most recent songs Primitive and Want that were recently released for free on OTOTOY. Alongside that there are some nice surprises, but here is the full tracklist:


  1. Spark
  2. BiSH –Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru–
  4. Primitive
  5. beautiful-sa
  6. OTNK
  7. Migatte I Need You
  8. Departures
  9. Want
  10. Saraba Kana
  12. DEAR…
  13. BUDOKAN ka Mamonaku wa TAMANEGI

BiSH are by far my most heard group at the moment so hearing a new album is about to be released with a full set of tracks is nothing short of a perfect gift from them to fans.

Of course, the military theme is a bit interesting since it seems to be all the rage lately. Of course, BiSH is nothing like other idol groups so it’s only normal for them to go this route.

We’ll see how the release goes, but I’m loving the theme and the fact that we are getting many great songs as well is a perfect way for fans to enjoy their music and kick off the new year with a bang.

Release is out on January 20, so we’re less than a month away until we get to enjoy it!