Hajirai Rescue JPN “Maji★Chocolate” MV Released

Hajirai Rescue JPN Maji Chocolate

The MV for Hajirai Rescue JPN’s Maji★Chocolate has been released.

Before anything, here is some info about the single: 3 different versions with the coupling song titled LOVE STUDY!! but there are some exclusive tracks:

  • Type A has a song titled Music My Star
  • Type B features the exclusive Ren’ai Panorama
  • Type C features Suki Kana, Suki Kamo.

With that out of the way, the song itself is quite typical at first for an idol group. Heavy electronic sound to it at first, but as you might notice there are a few members who aren’t the typical Japanese idols.

That alone is a nice touch and one that is sure to have fans happy, especially since the two members appear to be former English teachers in Japan.

That and the cool rap in the middle form a nice mix for a single. Sure, the scene at the end with the members covered in chocolate and whipped cream is a bit fan-servicey, but hey, cute idols and chocolate.

Check  out the video and keep an eye out for this fun group!

Release was on December 23, so it’s been out for a few days. Make sure to get a copy and get into the sticky sweetness that is Maji★Chocolate!

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