Konishi Ayano To Graduate From Tokyo Girls’ Style

Konishi Ayano Tokyo Girls Style

Konishi Ayano has announced her graduation from Tokyo Girls’ Style, as well as from the entertainment business.

She has been in hiatus since June 2015 due to back pain, with her pain being the cause of her break as she sought treatment. Sadly, it seems like her need for more treatment was the cause of her losing confidence as a member of Tokyo Girls’ Style resulting in her decision.

Graduations are sad, but when pain happens and treatment is needed it’s understandable since the health of an idol is priority. Unfortunately this might be the last we see of Konishi Ayano, with her last appearance slated for December 30 at a radio show.

The best of luck for Ayano, and hopefully she can get the help she needs!

Tokyo Girls’ Style will continue as a 4 member group.

Source: Tokyo Girls Style OHP | Konishi Ayano Radio Site


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