Fukumura Mizuki “Yuubae” Preview Released

Fukumura Mizuki Yuubae

A preview for Fukumura Mizuki’s solo Blu-ray titled Yuubae has been released.

There are some things that are universally thought to be beautiful. Flowers blowing in the wind, sunsets on a beach as the waves crash, and of course, Fukumura Mizuki as she smiles.

Thankfully, those of us who are big fans of Fuku-chan won’t have to wait more for a preview of her upcoming Blu-ray since the digest was released recently, and the scenes are simply stunning.

Scenes of her running on the beach, smiling at the camera, and playfully enjoying the breeze in a cute dress on a mountaintop are just a few of the things to enjoy in the preview.

Mizuki fans are probably already watching the video, so why wait!

The Blu-ray will be out on January 20, so it’s just a matter of weeks before then!

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