3min. “BOUNCE!!” MV Released and Album Announced

3min. BOUNCE!!

The MV for 3min’s BOUNCE!! has been released.

At the same time as the MV was revealed, we did get confirmation that a new album will be out soon. Titled A to Z it will be released in March.

The video itself is quite catchy with a heavy beat and the groups trademark 3-minute length songs. The bridge of the song has a nice Japanese feel to it with a heavy guitar.

Of course, this being a live MV, many fans were lucky enough to be included in the video so there are plenty of shots of fans dancing along to the song.

Overall it’s a heavy idol song that is sure to have fans head banging to the beat, and with the promise of a new mini album it seems like 3min. are in for a nice active start to the year.

March 30th is the release of the mini album so make sure to get a copy!

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