3min. Aizuki Hina To Graduate

3min. Aizuki Hina

Aizuki Hina, member of 3min., has announced her graduation at the group’s recent performance at Akihabara Cultures Theatre.

According to her it has been 5 years since she joined the company, and 3 as part of 3min, and she would like to take some time to look at herself again. Her graduation will take place on April 2nd.

3min. Aizuki Hina Graduation

While it might be sad to see members leave the group it’s nice to see that she does have goals in mind and that she will be doing her best until she leaves the group.

Best of luck Aizuki Hina!

3min. OHP

3min. “A to Z” MV Released

3min. BOUNCE!!

3min. have released the MV for their song titled A to Z.

The song is not alphabet related, but it will be released on March 30th as part of their album with the same title.

Most EDM idols tend to go towards a more calm and trance-like style that while nice is a bit too boring for some. Thankfully, 3min. have a hard, EDM style that is sure to have you dancing while you rock out with their latest song.

With a strong EDM style alongside some flashy visuals and a dance stage that might or might not give you a cute seizure, this song is a great sign from the group that they are gaining traction and will soon be among the top groups on Oricon.

This MV is highly recommended for those who are fans of the EDM side of the idol spectrum!

3min. OHP | 3min. CDJapan

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3min. “BOUNCE!!” MV Released and Album Announced

3min. BOUNCE!!

The MV for 3min’s BOUNCE!! has been released.

At the same time as the MV was revealed, we did get confirmation that a new album will be out soon. Titled A to Z it will be released in March.

The video itself is quite catchy with a heavy beat and the groups trademark 3-minute length songs. The bridge of the song has a nice Japanese feel to it with a heavy guitar.

Of course, this being a live MV, many fans were lucky enough to be included in the video so there are plenty of shots of fans dancing along to the song.

Overall it’s a heavy idol song that is sure to have fans head banging to the beat, and with the promise of a new mini album it seems like 3min. are in for a nice active start to the year.

March 30th is the release of the mini album so make sure to get a copy!

3min. CDJapan

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3min “BAD GAME” MV Released

3min Bad Game

3min have released the MV for their song titled BAD GAME.

The group itself has an interesting concept, with their songs and MCs taking place in under 3 minutes. Alongside that they are part of the newly developing EDM Idol era so it’s a group to look out for.

As for the song itself, it has a nice beat to it with vocals that are catchy and with the beat thumping and the lights flashing make it one of those songs you will be humming for hours.

Check it out after the break and keep an eye on this cute EDM idol group!

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