Sanmini “F.A.M.E” MV Released


3min., now known as Sanmini, show off their new lineup and sound in the MV for F.A.M.E.

Out December 2nd, the single was released in Type A and B versions.

Remember that idol group that sang EDM and kept their music around 3 minutes long? Well they’re back, but for this release they got rid of the EDM part.

In fact, it’s surprising that they got rid of the EDM sound and instead went for a E-girls style since they have traditionally stuck to that sound. Most likely they have started to experiment with new sounds due to the loss of a few members, which is the most interesting part of this release.

The MV shows off 4 members but the the 3min. site has 5 members. Thankfully the 3min. Twitter account confirms that there are only 4 members, meaning that there was some heavy movement between their previous release A to Z and this one.

Despite the confusing lineup, it still seems like a solid release from this group. The beat is catchy and the instrumental is fairly solid, with the vocals of the members being the highlight. It seems like there are some Korean producers for the music, which would explain the K-pop feel to the music.

Make sure to check out the MV and grab a copy of the single if it strikes your fancy.

Sanmini FAME Type A
Type A



  1. F.A.M.E
  3. F.A.M.E (Instrumental)
  4. LOOK AT ME (Instrumental)

Sanmini FAME Type B
Type B



Same as Type A

3min. OHP