3min. “A to Z” MV Released

3min. BOUNCE!!

3min. have released the MV for their song titled A to Z.

The song is not alphabet related, but it will be released on March 30th as part of their album with the same title.

Most EDM idols tend to go towards a more calm and trance-like style that while nice is a bit too boring for some. Thankfully, 3min. have a hard, EDM style that is sure to have you dancing while you rock out with their latest song.

With a strong EDM style alongside some flashy visuals and a dance stage that might or might not give you a cute seizure, this song is a great sign from the group that they are gaining traction and will soon be among the top groups on Oricon.

This MV is highly recommended for those who are fans of the EDM side of the idol spectrum!

3min. OHP | 3min. CDJapan