LoVendoЯ “Itsuwari” MV Released

Lovendor Fake MV

LoVendoЯ have just released the MV for the second half of their upcoming single titled Itsuwari.

The previous MV titled Takaramono was released a few days ago.

Releasing February 24, this single has already shown us the softer side of the group, but many imagine the group being more on the harder rock side.

Thankfully Itsuwari has shown us just that with a catchy sound paired with some amazing vocals.

The setting might be a bit on the basic side but the song just blasts through and makes you want to rock out alongside Reina and the other members. The guitars are on point and come out strong, and the bridge of the song leaves you speechless.

This is a solid single with the ballad Takaramono balancing out the sound for an impressive release, well worth checking out for fans of the heavier side!

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