LoVendoЯ “Takaramono” MV Released

Lovendor Takaramono MV

The MV for LoVendoЯ’s Takaramono has been released.

The single will be out February 24, so we’re just a few weeks away from this release and it’s great that we get to experience a song that Tanaka Reina wrote since it is certainly a treasure for fans.

As expected of the title, the song is laid back and talks about the happy feeling and memories you get from friends and family. The beat is strong but catchy so it’s definitely among the best songs I have heard in a while since you can feel the passion.

Being the first Lovendor song I have heard I am certainly impressed to see just how Reina has grown the group into something that is sure to have fans happy.

Well worth a look for fans of ballads and Reina!

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