Shida Summer Arai Summer “Anna ni Sukidatta Summer” Details and MV Released

Shida Arai Summer Annani 2nd Single

Shida Summer Arai Summer will be releasing their 2nd single titled Anna ni Sukidatta Summer / GO GO Summer!.

Out August 10th, the single will be available in Regular and Limited versions.

The unit consists of TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE’s Arai Hitomi and Yumemiru Adolescence’s Shida Yuumi.

In comparison to their Shakunetsu Summer ~SUMMER KING x SUMMER QUEEN~ MV, we instead get a soulful ballad with the beach in the background. As the waves crash, we get to enjoy a nice duet.

Packed full acoustic instruments as well as a soft tone, this is the perfect song for when the sun sets on a summer day.

Will every release have an excessive use of the word “summer”? Perhaps.

Will that make the songs any less impressive? Absolutely not, so make sure to grab a copy of this soulful summer release!

Shida Arai Summer Annani Regular



  1. Anna ni Sukidatta Summer
  2. GO GO Summer!
  3. Anna ni Sukidatta Summer -Hiroki Sagawa from Asiatic Orchestra Remix-
  4. Anna ni Sukidatta Summer (Instrumental)
  5. GO GO Summer! (Instrumental)

Shida Arai Summer Annani Limited



Same as Regular edition


  1. Anna ni Sukidatta Summer (MUSIC VIDEO)
  2. Making Movie

Shida Summer Arai Summer OHP


2 thoughts on “Shida Summer Arai Summer “Anna ni Sukidatta Summer” Details and MV Released

  1. I’m surprised they’re returning, I thought they’d just be a one-single type of thing. I do like the two members though, so it’s nice to see new music. Maybe they’ll be a unit that releases a single or two every (or every other) summer. That’d be interesting to see.

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    1. Me too, I thought it was a one single unit but apparently they saw how popular they were and decided to release a single before the unit ends. Having them around every summer would be fun to see though!

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