BiS “Brand-New Idol Society2” Review

BiS Brand New Idol Society
Image from Ototoy

BiS makes a comeback with an all new lineup and a new debut album packed full of new and old tracks to celebrate.

The new lineup consists of veteran non-idol Pour Lui, as well as new members Go Jira, Peri Ubu (personal favorite of mine), Aya Eight Prince, and Kika Front Frontal.

After undergoing 24 hours of singing and dancing auditions, are the new members a promising addition and a sign of a new era of non-idols or is this simply a weak attempt at stirring fan’s nostalgia? Let’s find out!


BiS Brand New Idol Society2

2 or 3 songs won’t quench the thirst that fans have had for years, and thankfully it seems like BiS is well aware of that. With a grand total of 13 songs, there are plenty of songs to choose from and they did a great job of mixing in what made BiS so unique with a few new ideas.

Of course, some re-releases like My Ixxx, primal., and the oh so epic Nerve make their return. I was a tad on the worried side when I heard that they would be including them since we have already heard so many versions of them, but I was pleasantly surprised that they managed to capture the feeling of the songs in a more updated format.

For example, IDOL which is among my favorite songs from them got a new coat of paint. Hearing a more rounded instrumental with harder guitars and some synths helps give it a well deserved update (although the addition of a member who can do screams a la DEEP GIRL or PassCode would be a perfect way to kick off the song).

Nerve, oh Nerve. You’re an amazing song but hearing those 5 synth keys after so many years does entice a groan from time to time. Not anymore, with an updated instrumental with some solid bass that gives it a fresh perspective.

There are also some new songs like Happy Birthday which has a slightly laid back rock sound that is fairly epic once the chorus kicks in (double pedals are the best invention ever). Others like CHANGE the WORLD (MV below) have a nice feeling to them since they sound like something that they would have released back then, only with different vocals.

One of the most notable tracks is Human after all which has a catchy circus feel to it that was surprising to say the least. The creepy tone helps give it the perfect feeling for the chorus, and is without a doubt one of my favorite tracks from this release.

Overall it’s simply amazing how they managed to recover the BiS sound while somehow adding a few new touches here and there to match the newer members. There are a few instances where the songs rely a bit too much on older sounds, but it’s great to see that they made an effort to give fans something that they would love.


The album received one MV to help promote the release and in true BiS fashion it’s a glorious example of what the group is capable of.

The MV is blocked off for some countries but a mirror can be found here (credit to Papi Sasazaki).

Featuring BiS as they crowd surf atop hundreds of fans in the city, it’s a perfect comeback for this well loved non-idol group. Crowd surfing is without a doubt one of the most notable aspects of this group and having it as the center of the MV is a nice touch.

There are also scenes of the members singing among a variety of locations around the city, such as under a truck, a bridge, a random street, and more. Each scene is accompanied by a rapid pace that helps give it a more punk feel. One notable scene features the members in a van being random and that alone helps define each member well.

For the most part, it might be a tad on the calm side for a group that became known for their random antics like running in a forest naked, but it’s a good start for what seems like a promising lineup.


It’s hard to imagine a group like BiS restarting their activities after a few years of declaring their disbandment, but I’m glad to see that they did since the world can always enjoy more alternative idols.

In fact, BiS are one of the groups that is on constant repeat in my daily listen and with good reason. They take everything that we love about idols and turn it up on its head, mix it with punk styled instrumentals, and then spit it back for fans to mosh pit to.

Sure, some fans might be disappointed that classic members like Tentenko and First Summer Uika didn’t make a comeback but in a way I’m glad to see that they started fresh. Older members just won’t cut it. New members with their own unique quirks help give the group its unique look.

This album is a solid reminder that BiS might have gone away for a few years, but they have come back full force. The songs each have their own new take on the formula that made them so popular, but in a way they each feel like a natural progression of what they should sound today.

Thankfully finding the release is pretty easy, with an international release planned, digital versions available everywhere, and the album even being available on Spotify of all places for everyone to enjoy.

Make sure to pick up your copy since this is certainly a must have for any fan of the alternative idol spectrum.

BiS is back, and it’s amazing.


BiS Brand New Idol Society2



  1. Give me your love Zenbu
  2. My Ixxx
  3. Nerve
  4. primal.
  5. BiSBiS
  6. Human after all
  7. IDOL
  8. Happy Birthday
  9. Reribi
  10. Not Special
  11. BiS
  12. Taiyou no Jumon
  13. CHANGE the WORLD

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