Kago Ai Leaves Girls Beat!! To Focus on Solo Activities

Kago Ai 2016

Kago Ai has revealed that she will be leaving Girls Beat!! to focus on her solo career.

This was announced by the group’s website, with her final performance being on February 29th after a concert by the group. The decision was made by Kago, with the two remaining members announcing their intent to continue by recruiting other members.

Girls Beat!! Kago Ai

This was a surprising announcement, especially after her enthusiasm and focus on building up her career after a series of occurrences in her life that have been negative to say the least.

Still, it’s good news since it means that she will be focusing on her own and will not try and be part of a group. Her recent solo concert to celebrate her birthday was a nice sign that she has thought about it and I’m glad to see that fans that attended gave her the motivation to try this move.

Hopefully we get to see her rise up in popularity since she is talented and she deserves a nice career to complement that. Best of luck Aibon!

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