Kobushi Factory “Sakura Night Fever” MV Released

Kobushi Factory Sakura Night Fever MV

Kobushi Factory has released the MV for their song titled Sakura Night Fever.

This song is part of their upcoming single which was released on February 17 alongside Chotto Guchoku ni! Chototsu Moushin and Osu! Kobushi Tamashii.

Featuring the average weight of a group of idols in Sakura petals, this MV has a calm catchy sound that sounds similar to Country Girls and their song Boogie Woogie LOVE at the beginning but with a catchy idol touch.

It’s definitely my favorite from the group so far that I have heard, but it seems like they are doing an amazing job of showcasing their talent.

Great MV, an even more amazing song, it’s the complete idol package.

Make sure to check it out!

Kobushi Factory CDJapan

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Country Girls “Koi wa Magnet” MV Released

Country Girls Koi wa Magnet MV

Country Girls have released the MV for their single titled Koi wa Magnet.

Part of their upcoming triple a-side single alongside Boogie Woogie LOVE / Ranrarn ~Anata ni Muchuu~ which will be released March 9th.

While Boogie Woogie LOVE had a more funky sound, this song has a more passionate ballad sound that matches the traditional idol feel of the title.

Calm, relaxing, catchy, and full of chimes with a slight electronic touch during the bridge of the song. It’s certainly a solid entry into this release, despite the somewhat repetitive setting they are in and the blur effect in some shots.

Worth a look for fans of the calm type of songs!

Country Girls CDJapan

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JKT48’s Haruka Nakagawa To Graduate

JKT48 Haruka Nakagawa

Haruka Nakagawa has announced that she will be graduating from JKT48 as well as the AKB48 company.

Announced at an event in Jakarta, she announced that she will not be coming back to Japan and will instead remain in Indonesia. She will remain with the group until the end of the year.

It’s surprising to hear that a member which is well loved by fans has announced that she will be leaving and while no specific reason was given it seems like she does have some plans with her remaining in Indonesia.

For now, she has mentioned that she would like the group to perform at the Gelora Bung Karno, so it seems like she has a great goal in mind to achieve before she leaves.

Best of luck Haruka!


HKT48’s Okada Kanna To Graduate

HKT48 Okada Kanna

HKT48’s Okada Kanna has announced that she will be graduating from the group.

Announced at a recent performance, she mentioned that her reason for leaving is based on her wanting to study medicine. She will be leaving the group with her final concert being on March 22.

Studying is a big reason why many idols leave the scene, but it seems like Kanna has big plans for herself. While she might not be performing alongside the group it is a noble goal to pursue medicine, since it is well known for being amongst the hardest subjects to study.

Best of luck Kanna!

PassCode “AXIS” MV Released

PassCode AXIS MV

PassCode have released the MV for their song titled AXIS.

Releasing as part of their 2nd album titled VIRTUAL, the song features the same idol hardcore sounds we love from this quartet.

The song itself has a nice techno feel to it, similar to their previous releases in a more mature style. The screams are amazing as always, and the singing matches the tone of the instrumental, making for an entertaining video.

As for the video, there isn’t much to mention but there is one notable thing: we now have a band. The full band performs the song behind them, leading to a cool addition that makes them a more solid group overall.

PassCode continue to impress me, and while we can’t get their songs just yet on iTunes I am definitely going to get the album since it will be packed full of amazing goodies for those of us who like the harder side of the idol spectrum.

PassCode OHP | PassCode CDJapan

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BABYMETAL Metal Resistance Cover
Regular Edition

BABYMETAL have released a trailer for their upcoming album METAL RESISTANCE with a preview for one of the songs titled KARATE.

Tracklist – CD

  1. Road of Resistance
  3. Awadama Fever
  4. YAVA!
  5. Amore
  6. Meta Taro
  7. From Dusk Till Dawn
  8. GJ!
  9. Sis. Anger
  10. No Rain, No Rainbow
  11. Tales of The Destinies
  12. THE ONE

Releasing April 1st, this album has been a long awaited treat from the metal heavy idol trio. Thankfully the wait is almost over, and the release of the covers alongside the trailer featuring their currently available track KARATE below is an amazing treat.

The song itself is already available on iTunes, but those who are a bit on the fence finally have a taste of what’s to come and my excitement matches the all-caps from the title since we are getting a ballad with some strong metal tones.

As the title implies, KARATE, features dance moves inspired on Karate moves. It’s only part of the song but the strength of the vocals and the instrumental form a preview of what’s to come this Fox Day.

BABYMETAL fans get hyped, this album is turning out to be a great one!


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Tsuyogari Sensation “#Kirameite” MV Released

Tsuyogari Sensation Kirameite Cover Kibou

Tsuyogari Sensation has released the MV for their upcoming single titled #Kirameite.

Releasing March 1st, this single will be released in 3 versions: Limited which will include “orange versions” of the songs, as well as a Hikari and Kibou version which will have the coupling songs for Kimi ga Koko ni Iru Riyuu and DIVE.

It’s refreshing when idol groups try out something new, and thankfully it seems like they did just that, skipping the dance shots from traditional videos and instead going for shots of the members practicing and going through their day.

We get to see them do dance lessons, perform, and go in between lives. They showcase all the hard work that an idol has to go through to prepare for their fans.

The song itself is a ballad, and blends in perfectly with the video to show off the hope that the group has as they grow in the idol scene.

Well worth a look for any idol fan, and strongly encouraged that you check out their other songs since they seem like a solid group!

Tsuyogari Sensation CDJapan

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Perfume “FLASH” Short Preview Released

Perfume Chihayafuru

A short MV featuring Perfume’s FLASH has been released.

The song will be an album mix of the upcoming album titled COSMIC EXPLORER which will be out on April 6.

The MV does not feature scenes of Perfume in them, instead going for scenes of the movie Chihayafuru which will use it as the theme song when it’s released.

Despite that we get to hear a good chunk of the song and for the most part, it’s yet again an amazing release from the group.

There is a notable return to the more traditional Perfume sound with a cool EDM sound, so fans will definitely be in for a treat.

The movie seems interesting so if you’re a fan of the song it’s recommended that you check out the movie as well since it has a nice story to it from the scenes we get to see.

Check out the MV after the break!

Perfume CDJapan

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Dream5’s Tamakawa Momona To Retire From Entertainment Industry

Dream5 Tamakawa Momona

Dream5’s Tamakawa Momona has announced that she will be leaving the group and retiring from the entertainment industry.

With a date set for April 30, she mentioned that she has dreams for her own life outside of the group. Alongside this, she mentioned that it wasn’t a decision she took immediately, with her consulting staff various times beforehand.

Like always, not all idols want to remain in the entertainment industry forever. It might be sad for fans but the fact that she is going for her dreams is a nice goal that her fans will hopefully support her in.

The group will remain with 4 members.

Best of luck Tamakawa Momona!

Dream5 Site