Nagasawa Marina Announces Withdrawal from Houkago Princess

Nagasawa Marina

Nagasawa Marina will be withdrawing from Houkago Princess.

According to her announcement, this is something that she has thought about for a long time since she joined the group back in 2013.

Due to her personal gravure projects, she hasn’t been able to practice her singing and dancing enough. This, coupled with her fear of performing on stage ultimately ended in her decision to leave the group.

She stressed that this is a withdrawal and not a graduation.

Her final date of performance is on December 31st, 2016.

She will be leaving her current agency as well, which will most likely mean she will focus on modeling and gravure from now on.

For the most part, this isn’t a surprising announcement since she did seem to be engaged in more gravure releases lately. Regardless, it should be interesting to see what kind of route the group will take since Marina was the member that stood out the most.

Best of luck Nagasawa Marina!

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