Perfume “TOKYO GIRL” Single Announced

Perfume Cosmic Explorer Album

Perfume has announced the release of a new single titled TOKYO GIRL.

Out February 2017, the track will be the theme song for the NTV series Tokyo Tarareba Musume.

The B-side for the single will be the song Houseki no Ame which was used in a Ora2 toothpaste commercial.

Thankfully fans will now be able to enjoy some new music from this electronic idol trio, who have been busy with multiple CM projects.

For the most part, both tracks on this release are packed with promotion so it will be interesting to see just how this influences the release. In fact, the title song TOKYO GIRL appears to have been written specifically for the NTV series so we should see some influences in the MV.

For now fans are in for a treat to start off the year, so make sure to stay tuned for more details!

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