Moso Calibration “PERFECT WOMAN” Digital Single Announced

Moso Calibration Perfect Woman

Moso Calibration will be releasing a digital single titled PERFECT WOMAN.

Out now on iTunes and Amazon Music, the single is a tribute to RADIO FISH’s PERFECT HUMAN.

While they have just released their new single Bang Bang No.1, it seems like Moso Calibration are ending the year off well with more music for fans to enjoy.

Packed full of rap vocals with an EDM instrumental, it’s an interesting release in comparison to their previous single since it focuses mainly on Mahiru … actually it focuses only on her.

Song-wise, the track is a bit out of the blue and has an interesting flow since the original lyrics are listed below the Moso Calibration version. The instrumental is solid, but the vocals are somewhat of a mixed bag.

Reactions are a bit mixed on Youtube, but make sure to check it out for yourself since it’s certainly something else.