Moso Calibration “Bang Bang No.1” MV Released

Moso Calibration Bang

Moso Calibration have released the MV for their 3rd single titled Bang Bang No.1.

Out December 14th, the single will be released in Regular and Limited editions.

Showing off the members as they appear in a variety of commercials, we get to enjoy a fairly EDM packed release from this talented group of idols.

It’s an interesting theme to have since there are so many visual effects that help give it a genuine CM feel. That’s one of the strongest parts of this release, since there is always something going on ensuring that you are never bored. In fact, the description of the MV mentions that the theme is PARTY!! (which fits so well).

Song-wise, it’s slightly repetitive at times but the instrumental helps give it a nice boost. The part where the members sing very very happy people is the highlight, but the fact that they speak some of the lines during the song is a plus too.

Fans of the group are sure to be pleased since it has a solid catchy sound with a large amount of visuals that complement the song well, so make sure to check it out!

Moso Calibration Bang Regular



  1. Bang Bang No.1
  2. Fun! Fun! Christmas Party Night
  3. Bang Bang No.1 – Instrumental –
  4. Fun! Fun! Christmas Party Night – Instrumental –

Moso Calibration Bang Limited



  1. Bang Bang No.1
  2. Fun! Fun! Christmas Party Night


  1. Bang Bang No.1 – Music Video –
  2. Bang Bang No.1 – Music Video Making –

Moso Calibration