BILLIE IDLE Search High and Low In The MV For “Toki no Tabibito”

billie idle

BILLIE IDLE search high and low in the MV for Toki no Tabibito.

Out July 14th, the track is part of their latest album titled BILLIed IDLE 2.0.

Have you ever had to look for yourself? Well, BILLIE IDLE do that in their latest MV where we get to see this 5-nin group as they go on a relaxing adventure in search of themselves.

Yes, it’s a confusing theme and I’m honestly more confused once I think about it. But, it’s a welcome release from the group since we get to enjoy our first Pour Lui release. The addition of karaoke styled makes for a fun time, making the MV a bit more unique to see and ties the MV together at the end nicely.

Enjoy this chill BILLIE IDLE release and grab a copy of the album to support the 5-nin group!

Toki no Tabibito

billie idle billied idle 2.0 cover