lyrical school Hit The Stage In “DANCE WITH YOU”

lyrical school worlds end

lyrical school hit the stage in the MV for DANCE WITH YOU.

Out June 19th, the track is part of their new album titled WORLD’S END.

Need some chill idol rap music to start off your day? Well, you’re in luck because lyrical school are back with another chill live MV.

Yes, there are no special themes or sharks with Hawaiian shirts, but we do get a chill shot of the group as they perform on stage. The DJ in the background blasts some steady beats while the video in the background makes absolutely no sense, making for a fun time for everyone.

Make sure to check it out and get ready to bounce to the beat with this catchy MV!

Do you want to see a walking shark join lyrical school? Check out the MV for Tokonatsu (Nattsu) Return!

Tokonatsu (Nattsu) Return
lyrical school

lyrical school worlds end cover


lyrical school worlds end cover


lyrical school worlds end cover


lyrical school OHP