lyrical school Bust Some Rhymes With A Shark In The MV For “Tokonatsu (Nattsu) Return”

lyrical school worlds end

lyrical school bust some rhymes with a shark in the MV for their track titled Tokonatsu (Nattsu) Return.

Out June 19th, the track is part of their new album titled WORLD’S END.

Did you know that sharks can actually walk on water, love Hawaiian shirts, and know how to DJ to idol rap? Yes, it’s true. lyrical school actually invite one of these misunderstood creatures to perform with the group in this rather relaxing release.

In fact, chill is the main theme for this MV. Most of the scenes involve lyrical school as they make their way down a street and bust out some relaxing tunes for everyone to enjoy. There are a few scenes where they sit on a staircase and a few Risano cam moments where we get a retro look at the group which add a tone of variety.

Enjoy this relaxing release below and make sure to grab a copy of that album!

Tokonatsu (Nattsu) Return
lyrical school

lyrical school worlds end cover


lyrical school worlds end cover


lyrical school worlds end cover


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