Idol College Run With Flags In The MV For “AKATSUKI”

idol college akatsuki

Idol College run with a flag in the MV for their new single titled AKATSUKI.

Out July 11th, the single will be released in 5 editions.

Are you into running and waving giant flags around? Then you’re in luck because the latest Idol College MV manages to combine that theme with a rather epic ballad.

Thankfully the MV is one of the better ones I’ve seen recently since it combines a variety of scenes with nice visual effects. From the scenes of them singing in the rain, to the scenes of them performing at the beach, there’s a bit here to enjoy for everyone as they perform.

Yes, the shots of them running full speed with a giant flag can be a bit weird but the song manages to distract us enough to not worry too much about it. In fact, the song is the best part of this release. It’s a ballad, but the layered vocals help give it a depth that is simply amazing.

Grab a giant flag and a copy of the single before you run to the MV below to check it out!

Idol College

idol college akatsuki cover limited


idol college akatsuki cover type a
Type A


idol college akatsuki cover type b
Type B


idol college akatsuki cover type c
Type C


idol college akatsuki cover type d
Type D


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