WHY@DOLL Take A Relaxing Stroll In The MV For “Sweet Vinegar”

whydoll sweet vinegar

WHY@DOLL take a relaxing stroll in the MV for their new single titled Sweet Vinegar.

Out June 26th, the single will be released in one edition.

With a name like Sweet Vinegar, we expected to see an MV packed full of food. Instead, we get to enjoy a rather chill and simple MV where WHY@DOLL make their way to a bridge overseeing a lake. But, the true beauty of this release comes with the song.

If you’re into minimal instrumentals then you’ll feel right at home with Sweet Vinegar. The instruments used in the song are light and give just the right touch to accompany the sweet vocals of WHY@DOLL. Add in some synth and you have a truly outstanding song from this duo.

Check out this windy MV below and prepare for a relaxing time. While you’re down there, why not grab a copy of their single?

Sweet Vinegar

whydoll sweet vinegar cover




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