SILENT SIREN Release Visuals For Their New Single “19 summer note”

silent siren 19 summer note

SILENT SIREN have released the visuals for their new single titled 19 summer note.

Out July 11th, the single will be released in Limited, Regular, and FC exclusive editions.

The title of the release is in English, so why not have a more American appearance? That’s exactly what we get in the covers for their 19 summer note single where the members pose in a more traditional home with American decor and a lot of sunlight.

The Limited and Regular covers follow that same pattern with the members posing outside of their home after getting locked out. Each has their own unique outfits which makes for a rather impressive use of colors that play well with the light.

Need something a bit more special? The FC exclusive edition also makes a return here for those who are part of their FC club as a SaiSai. It’s a bit more casual but it has a nice look that’s sure to make fans of the FC happy.

The MV should be out in a matter of days, but make sure to grab your copy in the meantime to show your support!

silent siren 19 summer note cover limited


silent siren 19 summer note cover regular


silent siren 19 summer note cover fc exclusive