Country Girls “Boogie Woogie LOVE” MV Released

Country Girls Boogie Woogie Love

Country Girls have released the MV for Boogie Woogie LOVE.

Releasing March 9th, this song is notable for having a funky look with a 60’s roller disco cafe theme to it thanks to the covers which were released earlier.

As expected, there is a funky instrumental full of Jazz tones that mix perfectly with the vocals of the members to form a solid song that is sure to have you jamming.

I’m not that big of a fan of songs with Jazz, but I have to admit that this song is catchy with a sound that replicates the era well. The addition of the cafe is a nice touch, and while it resorts to the usual idol shots of the members looking at the camera and singing, it is still a good setting.

Overall it’s an amazing song with a Jazzy overtone, but the lack of other areas in the MV seems to drag on at times. Still it’s recommended for those who are fans of that type of song!

Country Girls CDJapan

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NGT48 “Max Toki 315 Gou” MV Released

NGT48 Max Toki 315 Gou MV

The MV for NGT48’s Max Toki 315 Gou has been released.

Forming part of the Type D version of AKB48’s Kimi wa Melody, this single is somewhat of a relief for those who love the Winter season.

While we don’t advocate running in icy roads in seifukus, we do love the fact that the mix of electronic with folk instruments results in an amazing backdrop for the song.

It seems like the song is their debut and it seems like a solid one, with a soft Winter beat to accompany the members as they show off the beauty of the town.

They might be known for their McDonalds tie in (Nugget48), but this song is solid evidence that they are a nice entry in the 48 family.

Well worth a look for the Winter lovers!

AKB48 Kimi wa Melody
Regular Type D | Limited Type D

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Nogizaka AKB “Mazariau Mono” MV Released

Nogizaka AKB Mazariau Mono MV

The MV for Nogizaka AKB’s Mazariau Mono has been released.

This song is part of the Type E versions of AKB48’s Kimi wa Melody releasing March 9th.

Currently this video is among the highest viewed out of the group that were released today and for good reason since it has a soft electronic sound coupled with some interesting choices in dance.

While the rest of the MVs featured an upbeat or catchy dance we instead get to see the members sticking their fingers in between each others lips as well as in their ears and making a hole in snow.

Despite the surreal type of dance, the song itself is solid with a nice beat that is relaxing. Coupled with the beat the ballad vocals are a nice partner for the EDM and it results in a perfect song for the single.

Ignoring the OK GO-esque dance, this is a solid song and well worth checking out if you’d love to hear a comforting electronic ballad.

AKB48 Kimi wa Melody
Regular Type E | Limited Type E

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HKT48 “Make noise” MV Released

HKT48 Make noise MV

HKT48 have released the MV for their song titled Make noise.

Part of AKB48’s upcoming single titled Kimi wa Melody out March 9th, this is certainly my favorite song so far from this single (sorry SKE48)!

With a nice EDM sound to it coupled with amazing vocals and an epic intro that will leave you wanting more, this is certainly the star of the release.

I might be a bit biased since I’m a big fan of electronic music (Perfume), but this a perfect combination of a mature sound mixed with some epic beats.

The setting might be a bit boring at times, but the touch of having the glowing balls rise and dance alongside them is a perfect subtle touch that left me wanting more.

Day 1 purchase for sure, check out the MV for yourself after the break!

AKB48 Kimi wa Melody
Regular Type C | Limited Type C

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SKE48 “Gonna Jump” MV Released

SKE48 Gonna Jump MV

The MV for SKE48’s Gonna Jump has been released.

Part of the upcoming AKB48 single titled Kimi wa Melody releasing on March 9th, this MV is part of the big drop of MVs from the ’48 groups and certainly the most impressing so far.

The song features wotagei coupled with a rock sound that is sure to have you jumping. The mix of fans cheering while the girls sing is a nice touch, and one that will have you wishing you were part of the crowd.

While the quality of the MV might suffer a bit thanks to all of the flashing lights, I am loving how it turned out since it has a nice sound that I will definitely be making part of my collection once it’s released.

Well worth a look for those who are fans of the rock side of the idol spectrum!

AKB48 Kimi wa Melody
Regular Type A | Limited Type A

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AKB48 “LALALA Message” MV Released

AKB48 Lalala Message

The MV for AKB48’s LALALA Message has been released.

This song is part of their upcoming single titled Kimi wa Melody out March 9th, and while we might have had a somewhat traditional AKB48 song with the main track it’s nice to see that they went for a softer ballad for this one.

In a way it’s similar to NMB48’s Shigamitsuita Seishun but in a more mature tone, as evidenced by them breaking into the school to have a fun time.

I’m not exactly sure why they set up a radio station at the top of the school (spying on other idols?), but the scene of the members holding hands and singing together was a cute addition.

It might seem like an iPhone commercial, but it’s well worth a watch for some sweet idol music!

AKB48 CDJapan

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NMB48 “Shigamitsuita Seishun” MV Released

NMB48 Shigamitsuita Seishun MV

The MV for NMB48‘s song titled Shigamitsuita Seishun has been released.

Releasing March 9th as part of AKB48’s upcoming single titled Kimi wa Melody, this single seems like a must have for fans of the more traditional idol songs where dancing to a happy beat in seifukus was the norm.

It’s a catchy style and while the setting might be a bit overused in the idol scene I am loving how it turned out since it seems like a solid song with the vocals sounding on tune with a happy feeling. Alongside that, the use of a more traditional idol instrumental was a welcome addition for those of us who like a bit of a positive sound in our music.

Well worth a look for those who love idols and seifukus!

AKB48 Kimi wa Melody
Regular Type B | Limited Type B

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Country Girls “Boogie Woogie LOVE” Covers Released

Country Girls Boogie Woogie Love Cover Regular A
Regular A

The covers for the next Country Girls single titled Boogie Woogie LOVE / Koi wa Magnet / Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~ have been released.

Apart from featuring a mouthful of a title, the single will be released in 6 editions on March 9th, 3 limited and 3 regular versions. This will also be the 1st single for the new generation featuring Funaki Musubu and Yanagawa Nanami.

Like always, Hello! Project is great at providing us a variety of covers with different themes for each of the songs and for the most part most of them are pretty solid.

The main track Boogie Woogie LOVE seems to have a nice 60’s sound to it with the roller disco outfits and setting that we get to see. In contrast, Koi wa Magnet seems to have more of a ballad feel with the title and blue dresses in a somber place.

Ranrarun is the interesting one since it’s apparently a cover of a song by Linda Scott titled I’ve Told Every Little Star, which is a bit out of the ordinary since covers aren’t that common. Still, it gives them a nice chance to showcase the song in a new way.

Overall, the covers are solid and well worth a look!

Hello! Project OHP | Country Girls CDJapan “GO GO DEMPA” Album Announced Go Go Dempa have announced the release of their 3rd album titled GO GO DEMPA.

Releasing April 27th, the title was inspired by the title of their upcoming tour titled GO GO DEMPA TOUR 2016 ~Mada mada Yume de Owaranyo!~.

New singles that have been released each month will most likely be included in the album have been released during the past few months on their YouTube channel so we have a good idea of what to expect from this exciting new release.

Of course, we don’t have covers or a track list so far but we should be getting them sometime early March to prepare us for more Dempa goodness.

Usually we get 2 versions of the single, but it seems like we’re also getting a special limited edition being sold only for their FC containing MVs and live performances of most of their appearances in 2015.

It’s shaping up to be an amazing release for everyone!

Dempagumi.Inc OHP