HKT48 “Make noise” MV Released

HKT48 Make noise MV

HKT48 have released the MV for their song titled Make noise.

Part of AKB48’s upcoming single titled Kimi wa Melody out March 9th, this is certainly my favorite song so far from this single (sorry SKE48)!

With a nice EDM sound to it coupled with amazing vocals and an epic intro that will leave you wanting more, this is certainly the star of the release.

I might be a bit biased since I’m a big fan of electronic music (Perfume), but this a perfect combination of a mature sound mixed with some epic beats.

The setting might be a bit boring at times, but the touch of having the glowing balls rise and dance alongside them is a perfect subtle touch that left me wanting more.

Day 1 purchase for sure, check out the MV for yourself after the break!

AKB48 Kimi wa Melody
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