Morning Musume “Tokyo to Iu Katasumi / The Vision / Utakata Saturday Night” Review

Morning Musume '16 Utakata Saturday Night The Vision Tokyo to Iu Katasumi

Morning Musume ’16 show off their latest single titled Tokyo to Iu Katasumi / The Vision / Utakata Saturday Night.

This will be the 61st single for the group as well as the last for Suzuki Kanon, Morning Musume’s 9th generation member.

Can this single live up to fans expectations? Let’s find out!


Tokyo to Iu Katasumi

The title track is important since it sets the tone for the rest of the single, and with a blast of classical instrumentals meshed with EDM beats, Morning Musume make sure to set an amazing first impression.

The guitars roaring in the background as the EDM blasts and the violins play alongside the vocals of the members is nothing short of a treat. The vocals by themselves are solid and give everyone a chance to sing at least one line to show off their range of tones.

Visually, the MV is a bit more simple. Mainly focused on dance shots in a stage with lights, it doesn’t give us much to enjoy until half-way through where solo shots of the members accompany the members as they dance.

Hello! Project is well known for having somewhat simple MVs, but the fact it’s not that overwhelming at the start helps make for a nice way to enjoy the song to its fullest without distraction.

Tokyo to Iu Katasumi is certainly a solid song for the group, and among the best I have heard from any idol group so far this year.

The Vision

After al those classical EDM beats, what more could Morning Musume have for us? A slow ballad with a soft EDM touch of course, and one that manages to showcase the strength of the members well.

Instrumentally, it’s minimal. Instead, we get to focus on the vocals as a soft piano plays alongside an EDM beat. With a somewhat interesting distribution of lines, we get to see a focus on Sato Masaki and Oda Sakura, which is a solid choice due to their vocal styles.

Surprisingly, the group is divided into separate groups in a similar way to Oh My Wish, with Fukumura Mizuki, Ikuta Erina, and Ishida Ayumi leading the dancing as the members sing.

Being a Mizuki fan I was a bit disappointed to see that she didn’t get to sing that much in the MV, but her moves as the song progresses was nothing short of mesmerizing.

Visually, it’s once again simple. But, the white theme and shadow use emphasize the feel of the song perfectly. The soft tones and the simple pattern of the stage give way for the members to dance and perform while the piano plays.

Overall a solid MV with a soft feel. The piano is reminiscent of rain drops at times, and the EDM adds a feel that is impressive as Oda and Sato lead the group in this ballad.

Utakata Saturday Night

Saturday Night!

Looking at the title alone it’s hard to see why this song is being named as the Love Machine of this generation, but once the funky beat starts playing you immediately get it.

Those funky beats. Those vocals. Those incredibly 70’s visuals. Everything about the MV is fun and shows off a reflection of Suzuki Kanon and her personality perfectly, especially during her monologue in the middle.

Sure, we only have one setting but the visual effects added are impressive and show off each member and their personality.

That personality in each shot is what makes the MV so amazing. I have seen so many J-pop and idol MVs where we get the same cute looks at the camera and nothing else. Having personality and seeing everyone have fun as they sing is always a bonus since it makes me want to get up and dance alongside with them.

With a fun instrumental mixed in with memorable visuals, Utakata Saturday Night is sure to become one of those songs that represents the modern age of Morning Musume.


With this being Suzuki Kanon’s last single it will certainly be a big loss of personality for the group. 

Having seen Morning Musume in person, I was delighted to see how happy she looked as she made her way throughout the stage to perform for fans. Her energy and enthusiasm will definitely be missed in the group, especially by those who have followed her since she auditioned for Momusu.

Of course, idol groups change so this was somewhat expected. There is hope though with her mentioning that she might stay with Up Front in the future, but for now she has some dreams that are sure to help a lot of people.

That being said, Morning Musume ’16 have always been among the most versatile idol groups in Japan, and this single reflects that with the amount of styles the group has explored.

From the smooth ballad feel of The Vision to the funky party of Utakata Saturday Night it’s hard to deny their strength as a group and this single is a reflection of that. Not one of the songs seemed like a filler, with each having their own edge and sound to appeal to all fans who hear it.

Tokyo to Iu Katasumi / The Vision / Utakata Saturday Night is among the best singles this year thanks to that varied sound between songs and worthy of being in any fans shelves as part of their collection.

Personally, I already have copies of the songs on iTunes, but I am hoping to get a copy of the single on vinyl. I recommend everyone else get at least the CDs to have a physical release of this monumental single.

CDJapan Links

Regular A

Morning Musume Tokyo To Iu Katasumi Regular A
Regular A

Same for all versions

  1. Utakata Saturday Night!
  2. The Vision
  3. Tokyo to Iu Katasumi
  4. Utakata Saturday Night! (Instrumental)
  5. The Vision (Instrumental)
  6. Tokyo to Iu Katasumi (Instrumental)

Regular B

Morning Musume 16 The Vision Regular B
Regular B

Regular C

Morning Musume 16 Utakata Saturday Regular C
Regular C

Limited A

Morning Musume Tokyo To Iu Katasumi Limited A
Limited A


  1. Utakata Saturday Night (MV)

Limited B

Morning Musume 16 The Vision Limited B
Limited B


  1. The Vision (MV)

Limited C

Morning Musume 16 Utakata Saturday Limited C
Limited C


  1. Tokyo to Iu Katasumi (MV)

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