SKE48 “Gonna Jump” MV Released

SKE48 Gonna Jump MV

The MV for SKE48’s Gonna Jump has been released.

Part of the upcoming AKB48 single titled Kimi wa Melody releasing on March 9th, this MV is part of the big drop of MVs from the ’48 groups and certainly the most impressing so far.

The song features wotagei coupled with a rock sound that is sure to have you jumping. The mix of fans cheering while the girls sing is a nice touch, and one that will have you wishing you were part of the crowd.

While the quality of the MV might suffer a bit thanks to all of the flashing lights, I am loving how it turned out since it has a nice sound that I will definitely be making part of my collection once it’s released.

Well worth a look for those who are fans of the rock side of the idol spectrum!

AKB48 Kimi wa Melody
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