AKB48 “LALALA Message” MV Released

AKB48 Lalala Message

The MV for AKB48’s LALALA Message has been released.

This song is part of their upcoming single titled Kimi wa Melody out March 9th, and while we might have had a somewhat traditional AKB48 song with the main track it’s nice to see that they went for a softer ballad for this one.

In a way it’s similar to NMB48’s Shigamitsuita Seishun but in a more mature tone, as evidenced by them breaking into the school to have a fun time.

I’m not exactly sure why they set up a radio station at the top of the school (spying on other idols?), but the scene of the members holding hands and singing together was a cute addition.

It might seem like an iPhone commercial, but it’s well worth a watch for some sweet idol music!

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