DEEP GIRL Announce Disbandment


DEEP GIRL have announced that they will be disbanding.

The news was revealed in a tweet where they mentioned that the group would be disbanding in late September.

The tweet also mentions that Miyamori Riko and Ayase Kanon are planning on doing their own activities.

Miyamori Riko mentions that she will continue doing solo music activities and singing on stage. In fact, most of her tweets for the past year have been of her performing solo alongside a band which is great news for those who follow her.

Ayase Kanon was a bit more short and simply said that she had fun being part of the group and experiencing lives with the rest of the members. It’s unknown what she will do in the future.

Like Maniac at Homicidol Maniac mentioned, this announcement comes at a time where DEEP GIRL is basically just forgotten so this announcement doesn’t surprise anyone or carry any weight. In fact, the graduation announcement barely has any re-tweets or likes at all.

They’ve only released two singles in 2 years and most of their lives involved them doing covers of other songs. Not to mention the fact that they went from 7 members to only 2 in a year, with other members finding great success in other ways (Mashilo for example has already released the same amount of singles with CY8ER in a span of a few months).

It’s an interesting situation and one that appears to have been caused by management, as mentioned by Non in her graduation notice. New management appears to have stepped in and basically caused the group to fade to obscurity by their lack of attention.

However, Riko and Kanon are both extremely talented and I’m sure that they will both find other opportunities that are much better than DEEP GIRL.

We wish the best of luck to Riko and Kanon, and hope that DEEP GIRL management can find other jobs that aren’t managing groups.